Chile is a country located on the south-west side of South America.

Patagoniafresh is a Chilean company dedicated to the production of fruit juice concentrate, fruit puree, tomato paste and apple fiber, with its San Fernando plant situated in the middle of one of the best red grape growing regions of the country and the Molina plant in the main apple growing area, both, one of the best origins for the agrifood business in the world

A long sliver of a country in southwestern South America, Chile’s striking, diverse geography never ceases to surprise. Its bountiful agricultural valleys lie at the foot of the imposing Andes Mountain range, looking down on the Pacific Ocean.

This long and thin country captivates visitors with its warm, efficient and entrepreneurial people, as well as with its democratic institutions and a stable economy. In this scenario, Patagoniafresh produces the best juice concentrate from the best origin.


In February 2008, an association was completed between Patagonia Chile and Jucosa, until then the most important players in the Chilean juices market, to form Patagoniafresh, the largest exporter of non-citric juice concentrates in the Southern Hemisphere.

Today the company belong to IANSA, one the largest Chilean food oriented group with a total turnover of more than U$600 million a year.

The products are exported to different markets such as North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America, supplying most of the main world-class companies in the food and drinks business.